One Day Kriya Kundalini Deeksha Event (For International Students)

One Day Kriya Kundalini Deeksha Event (For International Students)

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March 5, 2021 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Online Zoom,

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Deeksha is a special ceremony in which a Guru initiates a student to evolve and empowers him/her to unfold his potentials to move in the direction of his very purpose in life. Also, a particular Deeksha graces one to have those power, wisdom, and tools needed most by the student. An accomplished master or Guru transfers the energy and impacts the consciousness of the student to follow the path to realize his goal/ purpose. Deeksha is actually a ritualized blessing to the student by the Guru.

Yogi Buddhadev in his meditative state conceived and created many deekshas/attunement as per the direction from highest consciousness as revealed to him.

  •  MANY MORE…..

Yogi Buddhadeva, over the period of time, has devised many spiritual and mystic Attunements to empower the students to transform their consciousness and give direction to their energies to give Desired Effects. Yogi believes that Deeksha is a spiritual key to unlock the doors of many possibilities..

Expert in Kundalini, Tantra, Esoteric & Higher Yogic Kriyas

Our Guruji

Yogi Buddhadeva

Yogi Buddhadeva is an energetic, young and multidimensional personality. He is a self-realized spiritual guru and an enlightened being. He is a dynamic and pragmatic teacher (Acharya) of its own kind and an eternal yogi full of life, vigor and joy. Popularly he is known as URBAN YOGI. Away from all sorts of traditional and ritualistic conventions, he is a yogi in the true sense best suited in present turbulent age to awaken humanity from its slumber to rise to its spiritual nature. He is a master of many spiritual science and a teacher/ Acharya par excellence guiding people and his students to live a life full of wisdom, bliss and creativity. A Kriya Kundalini Yogi he leads a normal worldly life with a heightened inner awareness and bliss all the time.

  •  He is an experienced, expert, well-educated and trained teacher of yoga, tantra, Kundalni, meditation, etc….
  •  He is an acclaimed and celebrated personality in the field of spiritual sciences.
  •  He is propounder and teacher of
  •  Sri Yogasth Vidya,
  •  Kriya Kundalini Yoga,
  •  Sanjivi Kriya Shakti,
  •  Sumedha Kriya Shakti,
  •  Kriya Pratiprasav Sadhna
  •  Yogasth Life Coaching… and many more…
  •  He is a Reiki Grand Master
  •  A post graduate in Yoga Philosophy from Bihar School of Yoga
  •  He is a M. Phil in Yoga
  •  He is trained Life Coach and Past Life Regression Healer
  •  He is qualified Wellness manager and naturopath
  •  He carries the eternal experience for …….
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