Yogasth yuva


We are living in the times of the advanced technology with latest of the gadgets making our lives comfortable. We are financially and socially coping well.

But we still have a void deep inside our being. We feel empty morally and ethically. We have a lost and wandering soul. There is something MISSING in us that we cannot pin-point.

Reaching and achieving all the possible boundaries and possessions seems as if we have been driven away from our soul-center. Superficially, we feel very secure, majestic and powerful, however, deep down we are totally desolate.

Yogasth yug aims at creating a practical and achievable scenario wherein the individual stays attached and grounded to his core while expanding and going beyond his own limitations, breaking all the old, unwanted and worthless patterns, beliefs and practices.

We thrive to create the Yogasth Yug i.e., a modern age of advanced spiritual-technology that provide us with the pure and original cosmic wisdom and intelligence. Wherein, we are centered in our very soulful nature while staying balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, socially and culturally……….. Yogasth Yug is envisaged as a new and modern Yug where people are not only scientifically and technology advanced; socially, economically and culturally self- dependent, abundant, rich but at the same time spiritually empowered who live harmoniously, in equilibrium, even mindedness , higher consciousness, peace , wisdom, blisss and creativity…….i.e. in STATE OF YOGASTHATA.